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About us

Wolff Interactive is a full-service digital agency in Hannover, specializing in digital advertising, interactive web applications and advergames.

Since 2006, our solutions have been helping more than 100 companies and organisations, designing their new media communication entertaining and more efficient.

At a glance

What you can expect from Wolff Interactive:

  • fast and efficient development of digital web applications, from creation and implementation to placement on servers
  • motion design and post production of brand videos for web services
  • development of high-quality online games
  • development of high-performance advergames for use at trade fairs or POS purposes

Digital advertising

We have more than 10 years of implementation experience and realized a large number of exciting and innovative projects for brand customers and agencies.

Our range of services extends from basic formats to complex, interactive forms of advertising and elaborate animations based on up-to-date technologies.

We have a highly motivated team and hold strong expertise in the various fields of production of digital advertising.

Customized conception, design and realization play a key role for us.

Only a target-group-oriented, content-related and visually attractive address is able to reach potential clients in today‘s flood of information and stimuli.

High-quality digital advertising attracts attention and fascinates through great storytelling or a perfectly displayed product or service.

In doing so, digital advertising becomes an integral part of campaigns and brand communication.

Together with you, Wolff Interactive would like to develop first-class advertising media for your product or your customer. Advertising media that makes the difference and helps you stand out from the competition.


With its digital solutions, Wolff Interactive would like to make the web a bit more entertaining and delight its customers. Not as an end in itself however: Our products help to win and bind clients and generate valuable address data.

Online entertainment has long since outgrown infancy and has become a common communication tool for brands and products. Therefore, Wolff Interactive would like to work alongside its customers and come up with solutions that reach the target audience and qualitatively stand out from the mass of entertainment applications.

Why advergames?

Wow your clients with high-quality advergames. Wolff Interactive knows what it takes!

Sympathy and acceptance

Advergames are played voluntarily and provide a free benefit for your customer. As a result, you do not upset customers as classic advertising often does. (Well-integrated advertising, in sport games for example, can even increase the level of authenticity)

Emotionally packed message

With advergames you playfully communicate your corporate claim or product benefit. Likeable characters, emotional sounds and pleasing graphics ensure that your target audience receives your promotional message naturally positive.

Viral spreading

Word of high-quality games gets around fast. By including recommendation functions and e-cards in your advergame, you increase the methods of viral distribution significantly.

Generating contacts

Most internet users willingly leave their contact information to get access to an advergame‘s full range of features. Implemented sweepstakes guarantee a successful contact generation. Use the data to bind existing customers and win new ones.

Targeted precision

Advergames can be geared towards any target audience. Depending on game theme and game principle your preferred audience can be targeted.

Integration in overall campaign strategies

Advergames should be one of several components of your company‘s communication. They are especially well-suited for cross-media campaigns. A great way to support introduction campaigns for new products is to combine them with high-quality advergames and individual activation codes.

Success monitoring

Compare the realization of an advergame with an investment. Generated user information, usage statistics and detailed tracking analysis allow you to evaluate the usefulness of your investment and to continuously carry out modifications and improvements.

How to find us.

Wolff Interactive GmbH
Herrenstr. 13
30159 Hannover, Deutschland

T +49511 27900930
F +49511 27900931